2017-18 Enrollment Opens

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pyramids  History Cycle: Ancients

Information Meetings

Each Thursday beginning Feb 2nd

10:00 a.m. by RSVP Only

             We will also schedule a visit to suit your availability 

Please contact Judy Palloto, Administrator
for more information, RSVP, or to schedule a visit.
gideon.judypalloto@gmail.com 724-825-3693

Christian Classical Education /Homeschool Tutorial Service

A Hybrid experience of classroom structure and instruction combined with all the advantages and benefits of homeschooling.

1st—12th Grade

Tuesdays and Thursdays / 8:00 — 3:00

Four Year History Cycle / Ancients

Well trained, experienced,
enthusiastic tutors

Saxon & Lial Math, Apologia Science, Latin, Shurley  Grammar, Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), Classical Composition, Logic,  Speech & Debate,
Veritas Elementary History and Omnibus.

Academic Excellence

Multum non Multa: Much not Many

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Christopher Perrin

Dr. Christopher Perrin drills down on each of the 8 Essential Principles of Classical  Pedagogy.   Multum non Multa emphasizes doing fewer things but do them well.

“It is not the reading of many books which makes one wise, but a few good books well read.”  Martin Luther

Festina Lente: Make Haste Slowly

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Festina Lente Make Haste SlowlyDr. Christopher Perrin drills down on each of the 8 Essential Principles of Classical  Pedagogy beginning  with Festina Lente: Make Haste Slowly. It carries the idea it is better to master each step rather than rushing through and skimming the top and missing the richness of the process.

A La Carte Classes

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Looking for 2 or 3 classes
to fit your student’s busy schedule . . .

falling music notes. . . Advanced math

. . . Advanced science

. . . Language Arts

. . . Logic

A La Carte is the answer!

All of the classes at Gideon Study Center are offered individually to better match your needs with our services. Pricing is being reviewed for the 2016-2017 Academic year and will be posted as soon as possible.

Please call Judy Palloto 724.825.3693 to discuss the possiblities.