Dates set for summer Latin and Logic camps

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Incoming students who have not previously studied Latin (grades 4-7) or Logic (grades 8-9) will have the opportunity to participate in what many students consider one of their favorite summer activities:  Camps!

During the week of August 23-27 9-12, 2010, Gideon Study Center’s will offer Summer Logic Camp and Summer Latin Camp.   Latin Camp, led by Gideon Latin tutor, Mrs. Ann Holmes, will cover the Latin for Children Book A, the text that precedes what the 4th-5th grade class will use in 2010-2011.   Taught by Logic tutor, Mrs. Nancy Van Sickel, Logic Camp will cover the material in the Introductory Logic text, which precedes the Intermediate Logic text the 8th-9th grade class will use in 2010-2011.  For those 6th-7th grade students entering Gideon without a Latin background, the Latin Camp will provide an adequate introduction to the material.   Stay tuned for more information.