Friends, Romans, Countrymen

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….and Greeks and Huns, mythical creatures, New Testament figures, and Narnians were all there, during the next to the last week of classes at Gideon.  The Thursday before our final week marks the traditional Historical Figure/Literary Character dress up day, and students from each class took the opportunity to dress up in some very creative costumes.  Pictures will be coming soon!

The last Tuesday of the year marked the greatest Latin Feast of the modern age!  Entertainers regaled Roman citizens with music, sword craft, and oratory (jokes!) while they dined on authentic and modified Latin delicacies, such as dates, olives, crustaceans, and peacock tongue.

All this activity led up to the final day of the 2009-2010 school year on Thursday, May 20, when students were permitted to dress out of code (within modest limits) as they wrapped up their studies for the year.

What a year!  What learning and growing and stretching of our academic muscles have taken place these last 8+ months, all with the intent of glorifying God.   Now for some summertime refreshment and relaxation, visiting, traveling and making new friends,  before we return in the fall, ready to tackle the 2010-2011 school year (but don’t forget those summer reading lists!).

Thanks to all our families and tutors for an exciting debut year for Gideon Study Center!