A Classical Breakfast

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What is classical education?

Why do you make such a big deal about Latin?

What if it’s too late to try classical education?

What’s with all the memorizing, reciting, chanting and reading? Aren’t worksheets and teaching to the test sufficient?

Isn’t it just a study of the ancient pagans?

What’s wrong with learning the way *we*you*your mother*your grandfather*fill-in-the-blank* did for years?

If friends or family bombarded you with these questions or others like them when you announced that you were going to strike out on the path marked Christian Classical Education — or maybe you’re asking those questions yourself — or maybe you’ve been doing this classical education thing for a while and aren’t quite sure why  — then

A Classical Breakfast is for you!

Gideon Study Center’s board of directors invites you to a Classical Breakfast.

Served up will be breakfast with classical dialogue to season the fare. Join us on Saturday, February 18, from 8:30-10:30 a.m., at Gideon Study Center, for a delicious meal accompanied by a panel discussion on the merits of classical education with experienced and engaging classical educators from throughout western Pennsylvania:

  • Mr. Dale McLane, headmaster of Trinity Christian School
  • Mrs. Pixie Lichtenstein, co-founder of a classical co-op in Ligonier, as well as a grammar and writing instructor for Veritas Press Scholars Academy
  • Mrs. Deb Holt, co-founder of Blackburn Study Center, the first classical tutorial service for homeschoolers in Pittsburgh
  • Mr. David Porter, also a co-founder of Blackburn Study Center, a contributor to Classis, a newsletter of the Association of Christian Classical Schools, and a member of the Board of Trustees of Grove City College

This is shaping up to be the classical gathering of the year! Don’t miss it!. Details to follow, but we will take RSVPs now. You can go to Gideon’s posting at Eventbrite or respond by clicking on the contact button and sending us an email with a count.

And bring those questioners along with you… or anybody you know who wants to learn more about classical education, or who may need a refresher or a word of encouragement…. the more the merrier!

It’s sure to be one of the most edifying and nourishing meals you’ll enjoy this year.