“Summer gathers up her robe of glory”

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When summer gathers up her robes of glory,
And, like a dream, glides away.
~ Sarah Helen Whitman

Summer is slipping away like a dream, and the autumn winds are not far behind. Thankfully there is the thrill and excitement of a new school year ahead. Days of learning and feasting upon the tidbits of knowledge our tutors have to offer us make the transition from summer to fall so very much more palatable.

Our final 2012-2013 Class Schedule has been posted at the Downloads page. Below are listed our tutors for this coming school year; please get to know them a little by visiting our Meet Our Tutors page. A Meet and Greet has been scheduled on August 23 for currently enrolled families to meet and visit with our new administrator, Ms. Heather Black. If you haven’t secured all your books or dress code items for the coming year, be sure to visit the Swap page at the Wiki.  Other important upcoming dates include the Work Day (August 25), the New Family Initiation (TBD), and the Family Orientation (September 4). Then, all that will be left to do is show up for classes on Tuesday, September 11,  and our new year will be off to a glorious start, Lord willing.

Nancy VanSickel   General Science, Biology, Pre-Algebra, Logic
Shirley Gagnon   4/5 History, 6/7 History, Algebra II
Ann Holmes   4/5 Latin, 6/7 Latin, 4/5 Science
Tom Dyba   Dialectic Literature
David Caldwell   4/5 & 6/7 Art
Jennie Nolan   4/5 Music
Lora Bell   4/5 Literature, 6/7 Literature

And Introducing…

Bethany Walker
   4/5, 6/7, and Dialectic Writing, Math Facts, Grammar 6, Dialectic History
Mary Jo Baldauff   Spanish I