Gray is the new black? Gideon Dress Code Update

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The Gideon Study Center board has carefully considered and approved some minor changes, or additions,  to the dress code.  Please note that none of the preexisting dress code rules in the Gideon Family Handbook have changed.  Any clothes acceptable by the dress code last year will still be fine.

  • Girls are allowed to wear tights of muted and solid colors under skirts and dresses, no prints or patterns.  Tights must be footed.
  • Gray is now acceptable for any sweaters, skirts, slacks, polos/shirts or socks.  Previously stated guidelines for said items stand.  Gray must be true gray without tones of other colors.
  • All shades of grey are acceptable for sweaters, shirts, and socks.
  • Medium to dark gray is acceptable for slacks, shorts, and skirts.
If you have any questions about an item being permissible under the dress code, please present it to Miss Black (prior to first day of classes, this could be at the Workday or the Orientation) before wearing it to class.