Math for All! & All for Math!

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Saxon 3 . . . Saxon 56 . . . Saxon 65 . . . Lial Pre-Algebra . . . Lial Algebra 1 . . . Jacobs Geometry (enhanced)

lovemathThis year Gideon Study Center is offering a variety of Math classes beginning in the Elementary grades (2-6). GSC recognizes the importance (and sometime burden for the homeschool family) of rigorous and engaging math classes and lessons to capture the minds of students at an early age.

The course schedule is designed so all grade levels may select the math course which best fits their needs, abilities, and homeschool math sequence. A placement test is required to use as a tool to assit parents and staff to make the best math level decision for the student.

Summer tutor recommendations are available to enhance math skills. Please contact Judy Palloto