Online Assignments

Engrade.comGideon Study Center uses Engrade as a means for tutors to post weekly class and home assignments and track grades for students.

“Engrade is a free set of web-based tools for educators allowing them to manage their classes online while providing parents and students with 24/7 real-time online class information. It’s private, secure, truly free, and unbelievably easy to use.” (from the Engrade website)

We have found this system to be an excellent way to keep our paper and printing costs to a minimum.  By posting as many handouts at the Engrade site as possible, our tutors are able to get papers into the students’ hands to preview or to do as homework in preparation for the next class period.  In addition, parents are able to access their students’ grades immediately upon their being posted by the tutors, to eliminate any surprises that might otherwise show up at the end of the quarter.   Because Engrade also allows for secure communication between students and tutors in an ad-free environment, parents can feel confident their students’ information will be safe from prying eyes on the internet.