Snow Cancellation/Delay


If a delay is announced, it will be for only one hour.  Cold weather will not be considered a cause for delay.

A Board representative and the Administrator will make the final decision for a cancellation.  Families will then be notified immediately by email or text if a cell number has been provided.  A cancellation or a delay will also be posted on the website

Tutors shall post assignments on or before 12:00 p.m. on Engrade and be available on Engrade during their regularly-scheduled class times. If unavailable by email, tutors must advise families of an alternate means of communication during that time.

Upon a snow cancellation, tutors are to post alternate assignments for their classes and be available via Engrade at the time of their regularly scheduled classes.  For example, if a class would normally be scheduled for 10:15, the tutor should have the alternate assignment posted by that time.  A student with questions should be able to have them answered via Engrade at that time as well.