• Homeschool hybrid — 2 days of instruction with 3 days at home. This model teaches students to be independent learners, a discipline of organizing their study schedules, and prepares them for college.
  • Students are taught by tutors who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subjects.
  • Students spend less than 20 percent of the time away from parents and siblings than their traditional school counterparts.
  • A tutorial study center fosters a learning community where parents are actively participating in their children’s education. Students learn from each other regardless of age.
  • Parents direct the entire homeschool program while using the tutorial service to supplement their efforts.
  • Parents continue to enjoy time reading and studying subjects but without the stress of preparing and teaching.
  • A tutorial study center enables parents to spend more time with younger children.
  • Board and tutors work with curricula and methods to ensure a structured, integrated classical and Christian approach.

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