Multum non Multa: Much not Many

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Christopher Perrin

Dr. Christopher Perrin drills down on each of the 8 Essential Principles of Classical  Pedagogy.   Multum non Multa emphasizes doing fewer things but do them well.

“It is not the reading of many books which makes one wise, but a few good books well read.”  Martin Luther

Adventure Club Summer Reading Launches

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marinerscompasslgEach year Gideon Study Center focuses on a single historical time period. This chronological, integrated approach to History, Literature, and Writing expands the student’s learning experience by immersing both the student and the entire Center into the time period. Regardless if the student is in 2nd grade or 10th grade they are all focused in the same direction yet studying at their particular level.

This year the historical time period is Explorers – 1815. An exciting time of adventure, discovery, and understanding of how God is working today through how He worked in the past.

While continuing the theme of traveling and adventure students will “travel” to 7 continents with each continent representing a different book. Throughout the summer there will be different “ports” filled with activities and continents

If the adventurer chooses to participate in the competition there is a special bounty to be claimed!